Thursday, October 15, 2009

Snow tires: A worthy wintertime investment

If you don't already know, winter tires—totally worth the money. It's amazing how well they work in snow, ice, slush, and cold temperatures. Growing up in Minnesota, we actually never used them. However, the last winter I spent in Wisconsin, I bought a set of Nokian winter tires, and could not believe how well they worked in snow. I was convinced.

Anyway, I wrote an article on the benefits of snow tires for, a blog all about Portland, OR. Check the story out at the link below.

Snow Tires: A worthy wintertime investment (


Unknown said...

Do you drive with these things on days with no ice on the roads? If so, how's the ride? Please excuse my ignorance. I've always lived in a warmer climate. We get snow but it's so sparse that when it does snow, everyone just stays at home. We get ice storms though, and I've battled inches of hard ice on the road with all-season radials (and lots and lots of cat litter). Would you run your normal tires in the winter were it not for the snow/ice?

Andy Lilienthal said...

I try not to put studded tires on until I have to since 1) they chew up the roads and 2) they are noisy. Plus, I like my alloy wheels a lot better! The ride is pretty much uncompromised with studded tires, though.

Yes, I would run all-season tires in the winter if I didn't have to worry about snow or ice. Growing up in Minnesota, I used all-seasons all the time and never had any major issues. Then again, I could drive a Model T and get from point A to point B. Winter tires make it that much better in the snow/ice, though.