Monday, October 26, 2009

New Suzuki Swift being engineered to meet U.S. crash standards

According to Car and Driver's recent talk with Suzuki's top engineer, Takashi Nakayama, the next Suzuki Swift is being engineered to meet U.S. crash standards. With that being said, Suzuki is still staying tight lipped regarding whether or not the globally acclaimed Swift will come to the U.S. or not. The people I've talked to at Suzuki have also not been able to say much about whether the Swift will show or not.

Let's hope Suzuki can gain some momentum with the Kizashi and the updated SX4. Then, I hope they've got one in the chamber with the Swift.

Will the Next Suzuki Swift Come to the U.S.? (Car and Driver)


spencer said...

I am loving the current news regarding more sub-compacts coming to the US. With the possibility of the Micra and the Swift, along with the Fiat 500, it is looking good for the small car market.

Andy Lilienthal said...

Yes, it's certainly giving buyers small car options.

Anonymous said...

I actually had multiple email exchanges with Suzuki about this car last year. I wanted to know why it wasn't here, and when it would be. They had no firm answer, but were very friendly and interested in my take on things. They wanted to know why I just didn't buy an
SX4 hatchback. I explained that I liked the SX4, and had looked at it, but the performance was a little disappointing considering the horsepower rating. The Swift wasn't "faster", but it was sleeker looking and more tossable in the twisties. My Suzuki Aerio seemed pretty quick, but not a good handler. I told them I also liked Hyundai/Kia's warranty better. In the end they sent me a red Suzuki t-shirt, which was cool. If the Swift had been here last year, I would probably be driving it.

Andy Lilienthal said...

Indeed—if the Swift had been around when I bought my Yaris, I'd probably be driving a Swift, too.