Wednesday, September 16, 2009

VIDEO: Honda Fit involved in high-speed chase

I'll never understand why people think they can outrun the police (especially in Southern California). However, there are always people that try. Take, for example, the driver of this Honda Fit.

High-speed chase + Honda Fit + Police = FAIL


nlpnt said...

Two things;
- Video compression gave the cars a sort of Choro-Q look, It made the Fit look like a Smart and the Vics look like some new Third World subcompact sedan.

-How much you wanna bet the Fit was stolen? Hopefully someone has a new-car-replacement clause on their insurance

Unknown said...

Agreed on the stupidity factor. The only way I see ANY car losing the cops is on a gravel road at night, and even then you better hope they don't have a bird in the sky. Nothing, not even a Veyron, can outrun the helicopter/radio duo.

Neat vid :)