Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mazda 2 headed to the U.S.

Well I'll be darned. After recently posting an article asking why the Mazda2 isn't coming to North America, I have just learned that it is coming to North America. I didn't know Subcompact Culture had so much pull. (Yeah right!)

Apparently, Mazda CEO Jim O'Sullivan cites "changing tastes and attitudes" as to one reason the Mazda2 will come to North America. He apparently has informed dealers the car should go on sale late in 2010 in the U.S. and Canada.

We can expect to see the Mazda2 debut at the LA Auto Show, which runs December 4–13.

What will be interesting to me is whether the highly promoted Fiesta will sell better than the just-announced Mazda2; they both ride on the same chassis. I think both cars look great, and I'm glad that Mazda will be joining in the subcompact market.

Hey Mitsubishi—time to bring the Colt over yet?


adamaoc said...

I hope we get the 2 door version and not just the 4 door! this is GREAT!

Andy Lilienthal said...

Yeah, I agree. Really, the only three-door hatches on the U.S. market are the Yaris, Accent, and MINI as far as subcompacts go (unless I'm missing some)

Anonymous said...

Now? Okay....better late than never I guess. I was beating my head against a wall a year ago trying to figure out why the Mazda 2, Fiesta or Swift weren't available. I had already given up on the Colt. Thank God Hyundai offered the Accent SE hatch, which I bought and love, but I would have liked more choices to compare to.

murphyseanm said...

I would love to get the 3 door MazdaSpeed 2, of course I would re-badge it a Demio. I think this is just more proof we need to see a Mitsubishi Colt and Suzuki Swift here in the US.

Andy Lilienthal said...

You know, you'd think Mitsubishi would already be working on getting the Colt ready for the U.S., perhaps with the next redesign. I mean, they'd be the only Japanese car company in the U.S. not offering a subcompact vehicle.