Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My subcompact dream garage

I know not a lot of people probably have a dream car garage full of small cars, but then again I'm not "a lot of people." While researching the Dodge Colt/Mitsubishi Mirage story below, I got to thinking: If I could have a stable of small cars, what would I get? I'll limit it to five vehicles that I could feasibly have in the U.S. This excludes all-time favs such as the Suzuki Cappuccino and Wagon R RR.

1. Mid-1980s Dodge Colt GTS/Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo: 1980s "styling" and turbocharged hot-hatch performance. (The pic above is an example I found on 4g61t.org).

2. Early 1990s Suzuki Swift GT: One of my all-time favorite pocket rockets powered by Suzuki's 1.3-liter DOHC screamer.

3. 4WD Subaru Justy: The mountain goat of subcompact cars. Will go nearly anywhere.

4. 1980 Toyota Starlet: Rear-wheel drive + built 3TC or 4AGE = fast and fun

5. Chevrolet Sprint Turbo: Three cylinders of screaming turbocharged fury. Okay, loudly shouting fury.

So what are your top-five "want-to-get-someday" subcompacts? Post your top five in the comments section.


spencer said...

Nice list!

I'd def take the Starlet. Recently saw a really nice one with TRD kit. would totally rock one of these....

I'd also take a hachi, though.

Mike said...


1. Volkswagen GTI Mk 1 or 2 or 5

2. Morris/Austin Mini Cooper S Mk 4-7

3. New Fiat 500 Abarth

4. Scion xB Mk.1/ Toyota bB Mk.1 (I own one yes, yes biased I know but I love her. Wish she was a stick shift though)

5. Porsche 944....its a 4 cylinder ...ok ok hmm its a tie between the (New)Ford Ka, (New)Ford Fiesta, and Chevy Beat if it stays true to the concept and comes over here, and not that crap they having coming out in India...

Sigh, GM will you ever learn? I'm rooting for ya...but those are my 5 but the GTI is at 1 for a reason such a cool car...

nlpnt said...

1. 1946-54 Singer Roadster. Really a four-seat open tourer, more practical and cheaper than a T-series MG with all its' Bertie Wooster charm.

2. 1958-63 VW Beetle with canvas sunroof. THE small car for a generation, and the only car my grandmother could recognize by make and model.

3. 1968-72 Datsun 510. Not a subcompact by everyone's definition but still 1600cc and under a ton. I want a 4 door just to be different.

4. 1984-86 Dodge Omni GLH or (as long as we're dreaming.. ) GLH-S. First car was a basic '81 Omni Miser, so the fast one's a no-brainer to me.

5. 1989-94 Suzuki Swift GT(i). I had a regular 3-cyl. Metro- you see a pattern here?

6. The new Fiesta looks like the most promising of the announcements. Make mine a hatch, I'm gonna be carrying around a LOT of rusty car parts :)

Craig Turner said...

I used to own a Justy. Worst drive train of any car I've ever owned.

Another great little car is the Sunbeam Tiger. Think MG convertible with a Ford v8.

Unknown said...

I own a 1987 Dodge Colt in gold, not the turbo model but still good. I would like all of my cars in show quality unmodified. I like the 1992 Honda Beat, a 1993 Daihatsu Mira, a 1992 Geo Metro, and a 2015 Smart Fortwo!!!