Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mini Coupé Concept

MINI has released photos of the Mini Coupé Concept. The vehicle is slated to appear at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

I am not 100% sure what to make of the vehicle. It's really not that different from the standard MINI. However, the rear pillar/glass looks strange to me; almost like an afterthought. It does have a chopped-top look to it. I guess the roof treatment just doesn't do it for me. Don't get me wrong, I really like MINIs, but this just looks like an amalgam of roofline styles to me.

What do you think?

Mini Coupe ConceptLINKS
VIDEO: More views of the Mini Coupe Concept has us looking forward to Frankfut (Autoblog)


nlpnt said...


They seem to be reaching for some new body-style ideas; I wonder what the block within the company against a 5-door is?

Andy Lilienthal said...

I don't know why, but I never thought about a five-door. Perhaps it doesn't stick to the original MINI enough. I dunno ...

sleeksilver said...

Do not want.

That spoiler at the top of the roof KILLS the entire design for me.