Monday, July 13, 2009

Daihatsu Midget II, other Kei vehicles spotted in Oregon

Anyone that's played the Gran Turismo video games is probably familiar with the Daihatsu Midget. This little Kei vehicle from Japan looks sort of like the love child of a phone booth and a go-kart. It's front-mounted spare makes this vehicle easily recognized ... even in Forest Grove Oregon?

While driving along Highway 8, I ran a across a couple of Japanese Kei vehicles for sale that were "for off-road use only." There were two 4WD Daihatsus, the 1996 Midget II, and a 4WD Suzuki Carry. There was no price on the Midget; a few of the other 4WD vehicles were about $7,000.

Some people are using these 4WD Kei vehicles as mini off-roaders. I think the Carry would be a ton of fun in the dunes ... with the right tires and a lift.

EDIT: Just found out these vehicles are being sold through Cape-Ape Imports, LLC.

Daihatsu Midget II Daihatsu Midget II Daihatsu Midget II Suzuki Carry


xBeerd said...

I love it!

D2M said...

I love these types of vehicles. I wish they were used more wide-spread in the US. :)

sleeksilver said...

I've always had a fascination with kei cars. I, too, wish there had them here in the US but I would worry too much about my own safety driving or riding in one.

These kei cars are smaller and less powerful than our most compact of subcompacts. The recent tests by the IIHS with the Fit vs. Accord, Yaris vs. Camry, and Smart vs. C Class were shocking enough. Imagine a F-150 hitting a kei car head on, the results would be even more frightening than the other tests that I mentioned above.

Oh, and back to the Midget and Gran Turismo. That was 33HP of FURY in that game.