Monday, June 22, 2009

UK-spec Toyota iQ3: A glimpse at America's iQ?

Toyota iQ3
Toyota has been selling the iQ for a few months now in the UK and Japan. Today, Toyota announced a new 1.3-liter (vs. 1.0-liter) engine option for the UK-spec iQ.

The iQ3, as it's called, features a dual-VVT-i 98 HP engine that twists out 92 ft./lbs. of torque. Not bad for a vehicle this size. However, this still won't make the iQ a rocket ship; Toyota claims the iQ3 will do 0-62 in 11.3 seconds. Toyota also claims the iQ3 will achieve 58.9 MPG with the six-speed manual transmission and 55.4 MPG if buyers opt for the CVT. Keep in mind that's on the European driving cycle, so U.S. standard will likely be a skosh lower.

So will this more-powerful 1.3-liter iQ be the variant the U.S. receives? I'd bet it will be, as I don't foresee Toyota offering the little 1.0. The iQ will probably be sold as Scion, too, and when the iQ concept was shown at the New York Auto Show, it did in fact have a 1.3 liter with 93 HP.

Anyway, the full iQ3 UK press release can be found at

Toyota iQ (


Unknown said...'s 400lbs lighter and only 8hp weaker than the Yaris. I would think it's numbers would be more impressive. Still, 30 more hp and a nice set of tires and this thing could be a track sleeper. I'd drive one as is. But then again, I loved the insane pikachu Scion concept too. Neat car.

Andy Lilienthal said...

Well, the numbers were provided by Toyota, so perhaps they're a bit underrated?