Friday, June 26, 2009

GM to build next-generation subcompact in Michigan

According to Autoblog, General Motors will be building its next-generation b-segment (subcompact) car in Lake Orion, Michigan. So what does that mean? That means that for the first time in decades, GM will be producing a subcompact in the states, and 1,400 workers get to keep their jobs.

The current Chevrolet Aveo is built in South Korea by GM/Daewoo; the Geo/Chevrolet Metro was built it Canada; the old Pontiac LeMans was also built in South Korea. Not since the Chevrolet Chevette has GM manufactured a subcompact on American soil.

GM to build B-segment in Lake Orion, MI (Autoblog)


D2M said...

All I can say is the Americans better make a damn fine car. It better have Honda quality (or Hyundai as the case may be now) otherwise it won't justify the cost of hiring "expensive" Americans.

Unknown said...

No kidding. This car needs to be cool, Fiesta cool even, for it to even be worthwhile. GM has this history of trying to be everything to everybody. I have a feeling that this thing is going to get lost in a sea of econoboxes. It'll probably be more expensive than a Kia but not as cool as a Fiesta, meaning no one will buy it. Hell, make it RWD. That will ensure a number of sales. Otherwise, it'll be business as usual for GM: Making crappy subcompacts that nobody will buy.