Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Autoblog reviews the 2009 Nissan Cube S

2009 Nissan Cube S - Subcompact Culture

The guys over at Autoblog have reviewed a 2009 Nissan Cube S. It's a very nicely done article worth reading.

Nissan is attempting to pick up where the first-generation Scion xB left off—and with a price of just over $14,500, Nissan might just do that. I look forward to a head-to-head comparo between the Cube and Kia's Rio. (Is "Battle of the Boxes" cliche?)

Review: 2009 Nissan Cube S is unbalanced, in a good way (Autoblog)
Nissan Cube (Nissan USA)


T.G. said...

I enjoyed reading the review also.I absolutely love the Cube so it just made my fondness for the functional rolling geometry game seem that much more rational.People seem to either love or hate the Cube with a passion.The people in the "hate camp" think like that opinionated Jalopnik guy.The people who like the 2nd gen. Cube better(it is indeed a classic) may be able to import them through specialized JDM dealers.I read the Motor Trend comparison of xb,Soul,and Cube also.Apparently most American people love the Soul's styling but were happier driving and hauling stuff in the xb and the Cube. Both of which were panned for their styling by the young and older group reviewing the boxy trio.The Soul ends up being a bit pricey up here in Canada when you add some of the more desirable options.As for the xb well I do like it too and pricing will be an issue there I suspect, but it has to be in a vibrant color otherwise it comes off as bit bland but it is tops when it comes to crash tests so far.I'd like to see how the Cube and Soul do in the hardcore IIHS tests,I'm hoping they will perform at least as well as the xd or the Fit.

D2M said...

Ah, good review! Autoblog's readers need to get kicked in the shins though. They kept calling it ugly and saying all sorts of insulting things about it. IT'S NOT UGLY! Different, unique, maybe weird.. but not ugly.

Anyway. I think it'll do quite well. If it were just a unique style I don't think it'd make it, but with the price, well thought out interior, and available customizing you can do... that'll likely be what makes people go for it.