Thursday, March 26, 2009

VIDEO: New Fiesta vs. Corvette

A very entertaining Top Gear video of a new Fiesta vs. a Corvette in a London shopping mall. What else can I say? I Love it!


D2M said...

Bwhahaha, that's great! How did they manage to get the mall people to agree to this though?! And don't you feel bad for the guys who had to clean up the mess? xD

T.G. said...

That was hilarious,a great ad for the new Fiesta.However,I still dislike Jeremy Clarkson,he is a macho,reactionary propagandist.I agree with D2M someone always has to clean up after the Top Gear crew pulls one of their stunts, at least it was just a shopping mall this time.

nlpnt said...

The best part of Top Gear is always when Jeremy gets his comeuppance, whether it's at the hands of James, Richard, the Stig, or someone brought in specifically to humiliate him (they need to make Sabine Schmitz a regular cast member...)