Friday, March 6, 2009

The Suzuki SX4's i-AWD system

Having purchased a new SX4, I was curious as to how the i-AWD worked. I knew it was a three-mode system (FWD, AWD, and AWD-lock), but didn't know much about how the system actually functioned.

I found a great thread on explaining the SX4's iAWD (you can find a link to the thread below), and in it was a link to the video above. Yes, it's in Japanese, but gives a good visual of how things work.

After reading the thread, here's how I understand Suzuki's i-AWD:

  • • In FWD mode, the rear wheels are not allowed to engage—it's FWD all the time.
  • • In "Auto" mode, the rear wheels are put on alert, and when the computer detects slippage in the front wheels, the rear wheels are engaged using an electromagnetic clutch, and as much as 50% of the power can go to the rear wheels.
  • • In "Lock" mode, power is split 50/50 to the front and rear differentials for use in deep snow, mud, etc.

  • Now two questions: Where can I get hubcaps like that, and where can I pick up the video's soundtrack?

    SX4 iAWD system and how it works (


    nlpnt said...

    Too bad there's not also an RWD-only lock mode

    SpaRky said...


    I too would like those hubcaps, they are Crash Test Approved. LOL

    Kind of nice that you actually get a choice, and save you some MPG.