Sunday, February 1, 2009

Nisssan Cube Spotted in Arizona

Nissan Cube - Subcompact Culture
A reader over at caught the 2010 Nissan Cube on the 101 in Arizona. A couple of the photos give a good idea how large the car is, at least next to a Chevy conversion van. Photos courtesy of Robert Basil


Anonymous said...

I took the photos in Phoenix, not California. ;)

Andy Lilienthal said...

My mistake. It's now correct. :-)

D2M said...

While it's not as large as the van, it's still pretty big for compact. At least I think so. :^)

Andy Lilienthal said...

I really look forward to seeing one of these in person to get an idea of how big it is. I hope it's about the size of a first-gen xB.

T.G. said...

I love the new Cube but the previous version looked quite funky too.I think it's appearance in terms of size is deceptive though especially when you look at the car's actual measurements.It is about the same size as the old xb.

Wheelbase 99.6 in (2530 mm)
Length 156.7 in (3980 mm)
Width 66.7 in (1695 mm)
Height 65.0 in (1650 mm)

The previous generation xB/bB's dimensions were:
Wheelbase 98.4 in (2,499 mm)
Length 155.3 in (3,945 mm)
Width 66.5 in (1,689 mm)
Height 64.6 inches (1,641 mm)

Andy Lilienthal said...

Good info, T.G. -- thanks!