Friday, November 7, 2008

Subcompacts at SEMA: Other Subcompacts

Scion xD - Subcompact Culture

Here are a few other subcompacts that I snapped while at the 2008 SEMA Show. The first two pictures are of a highly customized Scion xD.

Scion xD - Subcompact Culture

Next we have the Kia Soul concept. It's a pretty cool vehicle, although I'm not a huge fan of the wheels. Overall, I think this will be a neat car. It's about the size of a first-gen Scion xB.

Kia Soul - Subcompact Culture
Kia Soul - Subcompact Culture

Also in the Kia booth was this tricked-out Kia Rio 5.

Kia Rio 5 - Subcompact Culture
Kia Rio 5 Subcompact Culture

Although the MINI Clubman isn't my favorite vehicle in the world, this one looked pretty sweet.

MINI Clubman - Subcompact Culture

Finally, one of the few first-generation Honda Fits at the show was in the LUND booth displaying some of their accessories. This Fit rode on Sport Max wheels and what had to be an air ride suspension. In addition to the rack, it featured a cargo box mounted to what appeared to be a trailer hitch. Pretty cool way to move even more stuff in a subcompact!

Honda Fit - Subcompact Culture


nlpnt said...

xD- I WANT those wheels for my Yaris, but I'd need to go ahead and lower it first...

Soul- OK. I'm not crazy about the mods but nice car.

Rio5- Would look better in all red with non-tint windows- the gloss of the black paint and tint brings out the plastic-ness of the stock window trim. I like what they're going for, though.

Mini- I'll always wonder why the Clubman can't just have four normal doors and a swing-up rear hatch. Mods look good, but again they should've ditched the black plastic for the showcar.

Fit- For some reason this reminds me of the slammed old-school VWs with vintage roof racks.

air ride kits said...

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