Sunday, November 23, 2008

2011 Ford Fiesta info online

2011 Ford Fiesta

Ford has launched its Fiesta microsite at This nicely done Web site has all sorts of info on the car. According to the Web site the Fiesta will have:

  • A 1.6-liter Ti-VCT (Twin Cam Variable Cam Timing) engine coupled to either a CVT transmission or a PowerShift automatic (this is actually a Dual clutch system)

  • A 4" multifunction display with SYNC, which uses voice commands to activate different features, a few cloth interior choices and a leather option

  • Precise steering with a sport-tuned suspension and 16" aluminum wheels

  • Up to seven airbags and electronic stability control (ESC



    nlpnt said...

    -Would be nice for Ford if it were a year sooner. Delayed maybe to have final assembly in the US and not Mexico, with the Big 3 already owing $25 billion to the taxpayers and begging for more?

    - The gallery seems to be featuring the five-door model pretty extensively. :)

    -No word on a manual transmission in the press release, but there's one in the gallery interior shot- surely they're not pulling a Toyota on us? (And if they ARE, would it have been that hard to take an interior shot of a Euro automatic, come to think of it?)

    Andy Lilienthal said...

    My guess is they'll only offer the CVT and the dual-clutch gearbox and no actual manual. Just my dos centavos, though.

    nlpnt said...

    I actually would rather see this car a year sooner with pure carryover Focus powertrains (maybe chipped down for better EPA numbers and so the 1.6'll be seen as an improvement when it does appear).

    Ford absolutely CANNOT afford for this car to be seen as anything else but rock solid reliable...two new transmissions? Yeeeezzzzz

    nlpnt said...

    that should be, yezzzhhhhhhh.

    D2M said...

    Ah, why 2011?? If they'd had it available '09 we could have bought it through Aafes Care Sales. They give special military discounts and stuff. *cries* WHY FORD WHY?

    It looks like an awesome car though! I hope it does well! Ford, out of the "big three", seems to be the more reliable and inventive out of the group.