Thursday, September 18, 2008 No manual transmission for five-door Yaris

Toyota has updated its Web site to show the 2009 Yaris. As you may know, the U.S. is finally getting the five-door version of Toyota's subcompact, however, it's the only country in the world not getting it with the option of a manual transmission. There's been a lot of speculation and such, but this look like the offical word.

Basically, it's like Toyota is saying that if you want a five-door Yaris, you've got to get the automatic or buy a Scion xD ... or a Honda Fit, Kia Rio 5, Nissan Versa, etc.

The rest of the lineup still offers a five-speed (three-door liftback and sedan), which is great. It just boggles my mind that they don't even offer the option anymore. I love my two-door Yaris liftback—no doubt about it, but I had wanted to get a five-door with a manual transmission eventually. And, well, maybe eventually Toyota will offer the five-speed.

2009 Toyota Yaris car trim and prices

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nlpnt said...

This ties in with Toyota having a full list of options in the brochure but basically only one spec actually available in a given area.

We've seen what happened to the Big 3 when they started listening to their dealers more than their customers; looks like Toyota is headed down the same road.