Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Five years of Scion

Wow -- it's amazing to me that Scion has already been around for five years. It seems like just yesterday that I was lusting after the bbX concept, hoping that the JDM Toyota bB would come over to the U.S. Low and behold, it came, and I bought one after seeing an xB at the Chicago Auto Show.

I giveToyota a lot of credit for taking a risk with the Scion brand, the xA and xB in particular, as there were few other subcompacts on the U.S. market at the time, sans the Aveo, Accent, and Mini. The xA and xB were, in my opinion, partially responsable for making subcompacts into something other than just "economy cars."

I miss my xB sometimes (pictured above; overall it was a great vehicle. Now if they'd just bring over the new JDM bB! (Hey, it worked the first time, let's try it again, Toyota!)

To mark Scion's 5th year in the U.S., below are a couple of links to my favorite Scion-related Web sites.


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