Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Smart crash test = good!

The Insurance Institute for Highway Saftey (IIHS) tested the little Smart ForTwo, and proved many naysayers wrong by earning a "good" rating (aka the second highest). See -- small cars can be safe!

Press Release
IIHS's Smart ForTwo Crash Test


Eric said...

Too bad so many in this country think BIG = safe. Especially when many don't know how to handle all that steel - making them more likely to get into accidents.

I love the idea of you writing about automotive safety considering some of the stupid things we did in HS (e.g. getting anywhere near "Big Phat").

Thirty-Nine said...

Yes, the things we did in and around that van were quite ... er ... not the epitome of saftey. The Smart is probably a great deal safer than that '74 Dodge tradesman! Then again, good luck putting a mural on the side of a Smart.