Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"MPG Challenge" adds competition to fuel economy

On Saturday, April 12, Russ Beaverton/Scion of Beaverton, OR will be holding the "MPG Challenge 08," a road rally with an emphasis on getting the best possible fuel mileage. There will be different classes so different vehicles such as hybrids, Scions, gas guzzlers (their words not mine) can compete equally. In addition, there will be a free lunch. (Does it get any better than this?) The rally will be about 125, according the the organizers.

There will also be prizes and trophies for the following categories:

• Best Hybrid SUV
• Best Hybrid Car
• Best All Electric Car
• Best Gas Only Car
• Best Scion 1.5/1.8 liter
• Best Scion 2.4 liter

Cost is $10 for pre registration; $15 the day of the event to help offset any costs and to raise support for the Providence Child Center Foundation.

For more information, visit

This will be a great place for subcompacts to represent, and it should be a lot of fun.

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