Saturday, February 23, 2008

Vintage Subcompact: Lotus Cortina

My buddy Craig and I went to the grand re-opening of Portland International Raceway today. All kinds of car, from brand-new Lamborghinis to things such as this: The Ford/Lotus Cortina. The Cortina is one of my favorite small cars of all time. With a wheelbase of just 98", it's pretty small, and was very small for its time. For more info on the Cortina, check out the Cortina Wikipedia page


eTiMaGo said...


I came very close, years ago, to buying a Cortina whose engine had been swapped with a SR20DET!!! Kinda regret it now, that must have been a hoot to drive!

BSP_yaris said...

The picture makes it look longer than it really is.