Sunday, July 22, 2018

Mitsubishi Mirage Side Sill Extensions Installed

The first time I saw a sixth-generation Mitsubishi Mirage with the optional side sill extensions (aka side skirts) installed, I knew I had to have them on mine. They add a nice bit of upscale sportiness to the Mirage. Bet you never thought you'd hear those words associated with a Mirage ...
All joking aside, months ago I decided to splurge on a set, and until yesterday, they've been occupying a space in our living room for the last six months. They cost about $252 for the skirts , painted an all, plus about $75 for the clear paint protection film that's required. The sill extensions attach using a combination of plastic rivets, double-sided 3M tape, and plastic clips. And these are genuine OEM Mitsubishi accessories so they fit right. Installation is straightforward with good printed instructions from Mitsubishi.

First things first, you need to remove the factory black rocker panel trim, as highlighted above. This is done by unscrewing three phillips head screws and then gently pulling the trim off, which is also adhered with double-sided foam tape. I used a combination of a hair drier and surface prep cleaner to get the residual foam tape off. 

One thing you need to add before you install the sill extensions themselves is the side protection film kit (part number MZ576485EX), which adheres directly to the rocker panels. I don't have any photos of this 3M film, but it's as long as the rocker panels, is one piece per each side, and somewhat tricky to install. I found it difficult to apply the film without creating air bubbles and without having it fold over onto itself. Admittedly, my film installation was not perfect, but so be it. Once it's on it's on. There are a couple of small separate corner pieces, and they're easy to put on. 

Next up, you need to drill a single hole at the rocker panel's rear using an 8.5mm drill bit. Mitsubishi provides easy-to-use templates which will guide you as to where to drill your hole. I started out with a 2mm pilot hole and went up to a 5mm hole per the instructions. I then deburred the hole and threw on some paint to prevent any rust. 

Finally, you fit the side sill extensions. They fit right, feel well-attached to the body, and frankly, I love the look.

I worked slowly in order to not mess anything up, and I believe it took me about three hours to install. The second sill went much faster than the first one, and I'd bet I could knock these out in about an hour and a half if I were to do it again. 

I'm quite happy with the result, and would buy these again in a heartbeat. And while the sills won't increase the car's 78 horsepower, it now looks like it has at least 80 hp, right? 

Mitsubishi Mirage Side Skirts

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