Monday, May 1, 2017

#BuyMyVitara Is The Best Used Car Ad Ever.

Without a doubt, this is the absolute best for-sale video ever made. Plus, it's for a '96 Suzuki Vitara, so it's even better. The amount of work that went into this must've been staggering.

The ad was made by Eugene Romanovsky, a creative director and head of a motion graphics department for a company in Israel, according to his Facebook profile. Judging by the work, we expect him to have a long career.

As of May 1, 2017 the video had been viewed 909,071 times since being published on April 12. We hope he's sold his beloved Vitara. After all, it has a lot of new parts including, well, an exhaust converter.

Romanovsky's Vitara video could just be the best Suzuki commercial of all time, and it didn't even  come from the company. Well played, sir!

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