Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Respecting People's Automotive Passions

Lowered Toyota Yaris

Some self-professed "car people" turn their nose up at our modified Toyota Yaris. Some 4x4 people think our mildly lifted Suzuki Sidekick is a joke.

We're all entitled to our opinions, but remember: We're all gearheads.

No matter what you drive, if you have a passion for automobiles, congrats: we are one in the same. You should respect people's automotive enthusiasm, regardless of make/model.

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Socarboy said...

Right on Andy, I've had a 2008 Suzuki SX4 sice new, you might remember me as Socarboy99 from ClubSX4. I still have that car and a 1999 Toyota Tacoma reg cab 5-speed. A mechanic in the heavy truck shop that I work at as a parts guy joked a few months ago of my SX4, "that's a girl's car" and I replied to him "it takes a real man to wear a pink shirt Randy".