Thursday, August 11, 2016

Like all kinds of cars? Check out Crankshaft Culture

You know we love small cars. Duh. However, we love all cars—something we've said from the get go—and the culture surrounding them. Because we feel like we have way too much free time in our lives  We've started another website called Crankshaft Culture. Essentially, if it's got a crankshaft, you could see it on the site. Whether it's off-road or on road, travel or racing, cars, trucks, motorcycles—you name it. If it's got a crankshaft, it's cool. 

In addition, we've recently picked up a 2001 Jeep Cherokee, and you can follow along on our build there. We're just getting started, but we hope you'll check it out.

Does this mean the end of Subcompact Culture? Not at all. We are simply opening up our blogging horizons to other vehicles of various sizes. In addition to the website, you can also find it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Become part of the Crankshaft Cult and check it out. 

Crankshaft Culture Cherokee

1 comment:

Keith said...

Subcompact is about a niche - a focus - which is key to its success. Despite small car interest in the US (temporarily) waning, that niche has a following. The reports / reviews / stories don't exist on all the other auto sites.

Anything with a crankshaft seems to miss that focus.

I get why you got the Jeep. I'm not sure it should redefine your online presence.

I've been wrong before. I'm fascinated to see how the new mission works out.