Monday, May 16, 2016

Wayfarer Vans: Ram ProMaster City Campervan Conversion in 25 Minutes

We really like the Ram ProMaster City, and always thought it'd be a great platform for a small campervan or overland travel vehicle. It turns out we're not the only ones. Colorado-based Wayfarer Vans has developed a simple campervan conversion for the compact Ram van that'll install in 25 minutes, as evidenced in this video. The conversion can include a table, storage, a place to sleep, and new interior panels.

Installation uses basic tools and utilizes the threaded bolt holes already located in the van's floor. You simply align the floor panels and bolt them in. There are cargo management tracks for the floor, magnetic upholstered panels for the interior, a fold-down table, storage boxes, and more. The whole works can be customized in various colors, patterns, and configurations.

Each bit of the campervan's interior can be purchased separately, from the flooring to the storage boxes. If you buy all the parts, the price is just under $4,700 before shipping. Add the price of a new Ram ProMaster City, and you can have a campervan for right around $26,000.

A conversion like this could be perfect for the adventure travel enthusiasts who want to save space, travel minimally, and go efficiently.

We think Wayfarer Vans has a great idea with their conversion. It's affordable, unique, and easy to install. All that's left is choosing your destination.

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Paul said...

Great vid and glad to see another company supporting these 'micro-landers'. They have lots of plusses. Size and fuel economy just to name 2.

These guys will pop-top the little vans also: and I've read GTVR is catering to small vans like the Transit Connect, NV200 AND... the Mercedes Metris as well.

Unfortunately, their width and lack of 4wd is a deal breaker for us. Two people sleeping in a poptop in a vehicle of this width is not going to happen. Add 2 small dogs. You see where this is going. And if the van can't go offroad where my Trackick presently goes, well, I can't see the payment being worth it. Even with a roof top tent, ground clearance and lack of 4wd makes them a dead end.

It truly sucks because I'm a big fan of 'small'.