Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Armstrong Racing's 2ZR-FE-Powered Yaris: More Racing, More Upgrades

Armstrong Racing's Toyota Yaris Sedan

We told you about Armstrong Racing's 2ZR-FE-powered Yaris back in February. However, since then, there's been a host of updates and upgrades.

Firstly, owner, Tom Armstrong, has been doing a lot more SCCA Solo II autocross. He's been doing pretty darn well, too. This includes a recent first-place in Street Modified (SMF) on April 17. That makes five races with four wins, plus a third-place on the National Tour. He's now got a strong lead in the overall regional SMF category. But that's not all that Tom's been up to.

Custom 2ZR-FE long-tube header from RPM Headers

The swapped Yaris got a custom long-tube header from RPM Headers and it is, if I do say so, pretty sexy. Now that it's installed, he's looking to hit the dyno to see what kind of numbers it's going to put down.

Armstrong Racing Yaris at an SCCA autocross event
Got to love the old-school Toyota racing livery on both his car an the FR-S on the left. 
Tom also had a national-level driver ride along with him and give him some pointers as you can see in the video below. Having a few pointers from well-experienced drivers is always a good thing.

But that's not all. Tom and his Yaris were recently featured on Apex Junky, and are going to be featured on The Smoking Tire in the "One Take" section. Tom said the first 2ZR-FE-swapped Yaris he worked on was at the video shoot as well.

Tom and his Toyota are making a name for themselves with this swapped Yaris, and we're thrilled to see it happen. Keep up with him and his car on the Armstrong Racing Facebook page.

Subcompact Culture Decal on the Armstrong Racing Yaris


brushforhire said...

Armstrongracing, was a huge inspiration and help doing mine also. I am on the other side of the country from him, but he was still a huge help. I got mine done and officially on the road this week. It was totally worth all the work. Love the sound and driving of it. I also did the RPM long tube header, with RPM midpipe. I went with the xD DC sports muffler for mine. I have the 2dr 2007 hatch and I love this car. Hope to turbo this someday, also.

Tito Ravelli said...

Amazing, I own a similar one, can't wait until upcoming muffler upgrade