Friday, April 1, 2016

Suzuki Announces Plan to Return to North American Market

Suzuki SX4 S-Cross
Suzuki announced today that it is making plans to return to the North American automotive market in 2021. The Japanese automaker pulled out of the U.S. and Canada in 2013, after only having its subcompact SX4, compact Grand Vitara SUV, and mid-sized Kizashi sedan as offerings.

The company, according to an anonymous source, has said it reevaluated the U.S. market and decided to focus on its strength of small crossovers and hatchbacks. It is expected the company will initially offer the latest variant of the SX4 S-Cross pictured above. However, this will be its largest vehicle offering.

"Suzuki has learned from its experience in the North American Markets, and will be focusing on what we do best, which includes small cars and crossovers," says an anonymous source from within the company. "We're excited to bring our expertise in this vehicle genre back to North America, where we feel we will be extremely successful."

Suzuki also said it plans to introduce a couple of kei cars to the North American market in an attempt to appeal to more urban crowds and chase after vehicles that include the Chevrolet Spark, Fiat 500, and Smart Fortwo.

Suzuki Hustler
Suzuki mentioned that its tiny Hustler will appear, although it'll be renamed the Flynt. It is like a smaller version of a Jeep Renegade. With available AWD and plenty of space, the Flynt will be both an urban runabout and a weekend warrior. Power comes from a 658cc three-cylinder making 52 hp.

Suzuki Alto Turbo RS
There are also plans to offer a more sporty hatchback, such as the Alto Turbo RS, which is also available with AWD. The Alto Turbo RS would take aim at the Fiat 500 Abarth and the Ford Fiesta ST, albeit with only 64 hp from its turbocharged DOHC three-cylinder engine.

Suzuki Jimny

The biggest surprise, however, was the announcement that Suzuki would offer the next iteration of its capable off-roader, the Jimny here. The solid-axle-equipped micro 4x4 is capable off road right out of the box, and is the modern successor to the Suzuki Samurai. This could be a serious competitor to the 2017 Jeep Wrangler, too, although the Jimny is much smaller and only makes 80 hp.

Look for Suzuki dealerships to begin to appear in Bloomington, Indiana; Fargo, North Dakota; Winnemucca, Nevada, and Ness City, Kansas at first. The second round of openings will likely include Hanksville, Utah; Jack, Alabama; Wallagrass, Maine;  and Moyie Springs, Idaho.

If you've read this far ... April Fools!


Tony said...

This is a terrible, terrible April Fool's Joke :-P

Gabe Pettinicchio said...

If it isn't Tony ... it should be!

glenn kennedy said...

Damn, had me there for a second.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is not funny and a complete disgrace whoever posted such a lie

Anonymous said...

Was sure it was a scam when I saw the date sad really this guy was scamming as the cars pictured could sell here with North American changes if any would need to be done I mean the styles are unique not just another car out there

Wishful Samurai said...

If Suzuki was serious about being competitive in the American market they would start by offering a modern version of the Samurai. It had a real cult following as the "poor mans Jeep". With the support of companies like Calmini it could be built into a fairly capable trail rig for a whole lot less than a wrangler.

Anonymous said...

i have a jeep wrangler and i love the susuki jimny i would trade my jeep in a second to buy one i like how copact it is i read that they might bring susuki jimny to america can you tell me if thats true and when will they go on sale im from boston mass area thank you

Anonymous said...

If and WHEN Suzuki return to the US with there car and truck line they should have as an option and/or upgrade to the Jimny with the Vitara I4 S Booster Jet 138 Hp engine and the Vitara 6 speed automatic transmission. This combination would definitely give jeep a run for the money.
I live overseas and own both and the the Jimny is lacking in the engine and transmission aspects, no problem for off road/city, but for the highway needs to be upgraded for the US market.

Unknown said...

I have been searching for any news on if Jimny would be sold in USA. when I came across this article I was so excised unit comments pointed out it was April fools joke. If this is true author needs to be physically punished

USA needs small 4x4 SUV not one of those AWD crossover or CUV but actual suv. we have no options if we want reliable (not jeep), affordable (not Toyota), good gas mileage (non of them).