Friday, April 1, 2016

Nissan Announces Nissan Micra Warrior Trophy

Nissan Micra Warrior Trophy Car

I love Canada. Gorgeous landscapes, friendly people, a 15 year automotive import rule, lots of small cars—and now this!

Nissan Canada sent out a press release detailing the Nissan Micra Warrior Trophy, in which the subcompact cars would be equipped with tracks and race around the mountains of Alberta. Where do I sign up? This a spoof on the Micra Cup races (which are a real thing), and is obviously an April Fool's joke.

According to the April Fool's press release, modifications to all of the Micra Warrior Trophy units will be handled by one company - Alberta-based K10 Motorsports Inc. The race will take place in Frozen Lake, Alberta, on a track designed by Andros March, president of Andros Advanced Motorsport. The circuit will be a combination of ice and snow, and conclude with a steep climb up Teatawn Mountain, whose peak sits 9,988 metres above sea level, and will challenge drivers with a 75 degree incline for a fierce uphill battle.

A maximum of 30 Micra Warrior vehicles will be allowed to participate, with the first 10 spots open to interested current Micra Cup drivers and selected by lottery. Drivers, crew and their friends and family will be shipped to the custom-built track by helicopter due to its remote location, which is approximately 1,300 km northwest of Fort McMurray, and known to see regular snow accumulation upwards of 38 centimetres in certain areas. Due to its location and potentially extreme winter weather environment, Nissan will provide crews with a small fleet of Nissan Rogue Warrior vehicles to use trackside and between lodgings at the Almera Mountainside resort.

The Micra Warrior Trophy will be managed and promoted by the hatchback stunt driver, Jack D'Hay who achieved worldwide fame in 2014 when his ice-racing and stunt-driving videos on his YouTube Channel - aptly named "SkidsWithoutFear" - went viral. D'Hay also has extensive experience in spec-series racing on both the crew and driver side in Europe, he brings over two decades of motorsport experience to the Micra Warrior Trophy. 

"I've been following the Nissan Micra Cup very closely since it launched last year in Quebec. I was shocked to learn the Micra Cup was the only series of its kind in Canada, and I saw an opportunity to build on this fun and unique motorsport competition," says Jack D'Hay, promoter of the Micra Warrior Trophy. "When I learned more about the Nissan Rogue Warrior, I took it as a sign to move forward and pursue my idea of launching another spec series, and in winter conditions I know well. The Micra Warrior Trophy will make history as the most daring, and fun motorsport event North America has seen yet."

Frankly, I love this. I hope Nissan does more with this spoof.

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