Wednesday, March 2, 2016

February 2016 Subcompact Car Sales: Slow Sales Continue

December 2015 Subcompact Car Sales
Fuel prices remain low and therefore the sales of larger vehicles are up, and subcompact car sales continue to fall. There wasn't a single vehicle with more than a 48.5% increase in sales vs. February 2014 on the entire chart.

The big winner was Mazda's Miata (up 48.5%). The Chevrolet Sonic moved 46.2% more cars than this time last year, and Hyundai's Veloster models were up 35.1%. No other companies posted bigger year-over-year gains.

The big loser is BMW's i3 EV which was down a whopping 77.2%, followed by both the Fiat 500L (-62.0%) and the 500 (-54.0%).

The Jeep Renegade continues to make strides in the subcompact CUV market, as does the Honda HR-V. By the way: The Jeep sells more than four times the amount of Renegades as Fiat sells 500Xs, despite them being on the same platform.

Unless fuel prices rise sharply, I would expect small car numbers to continue to be soft.

Make/Model% YTD Jan. '16 vs '15Units Feb. '16% YTD Feb. '15 vs. '16Units YTD
Mazda MX-5 Miata48.575955.41319
Chevrolet Sonic46.2424123.37919
Hyundai Veloster35.1210144.34124
Chevrolet Trax26.0481451.28560
Buick Encore19.3587328.710793
Kia Soul18.81184216.221033
Nissan Versa2.912249-9.820255
Ford Fiesta1.23754-11.86314
Hyundai Accent0.648976.99947
Smart Fortwo-7.9422-13.6821
Nissan Juke-14.71863-19.43373
Toyota Prius c-16.22263-21.24026
MINI Cooper /S 4DR Hardtop-17.192020.62152
Kia Rio-24.81461-17.82891
Honda CR-Z-26.9128-10.2320
MINI Cooper /S 2 DR Hardtop-27.6948-22.82164
Toyota Yaris-33.4908-48.11456
Chevrolet Spark-34.11761-50.72882
Honda Fit-35.53647-38.76742
Mitsubishi Mirage-37.91156-40.62119
MINI Countryman-38.1581-35.51085
Fiat 500-54.01081-52.02288
Fiat 500L-62.0365-60.0734
BMW i3-77.2248-75.6430
Jeep Renegade-675713119
Honda HR-V49409117
Scion iA-23054145
Mazda CX-317933168
Fiat 500X-15472565
MINI Cooper /S Clubman381568


Pecci said...

Why did the Sonic increase sales so much? It's already long-in-the-tooth and nothing has changed.

I like the car, but the deal breaker for me is the motorcycle instrument panel.

nlpnt said...

2015MY clearance plus Spark shortage maybe? The Chevy dealer I drive past daily was sold out of old-model Sparks a month or more before the secondgen shipped.

I suspect small-car sales may pick up long term even if gas and credit hold steady; looking at the replacement market, if you're a two-car household with a 2001-2006 SUV and a 2008-2013 subcompact you'll be looking to replace the former; 3-5 years from now the picture'll be flipped, especially if you're still paying for the 2014-16 SUV.