Sunday, February 7, 2016

One of Those Days

Suzuki Sidekick in driveway

One of those days working on the Sidekick. Just changing the fluid in the diffs, right? Rear was easy as usual. Go to the front and remember, oh yeah,  need to drop the skid plate. Ok, fine. I get the plate off and see the fill plug was stripped from last time. (I had already bought a new plug.) Took FOREVER to remove stripped plug. I happen to look up to see the CV boot is totally ripped open too. Great. Then, in a shockingly bonehead move, I manage to drop the little black cap from the squeeze bottle of diff fluid into the diff. Don't ask. I'm pretty much ready to set the car (and myself) on fire. Shockingly, I manage to recover the cap with a bent coat hanger after about 30 minutes trying to recover it. Then the damn fluid pump seizes. It did finally work. Got it all done, minus the skid plate being put back on. I am done for the night. Glad Mercedes was there to hold the flashlight, help put stuff away, and open the bottle of wine afterward. 

In other news, I got my Safari Snorkel installed. More on that soon.

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