Thursday, June 4, 2015

May 2015 Subcompact Car Sales

May 2015 Subcompact Car Sales

May 2015's sales are in the books and if you were up, you were way up. Mitsubishi continued to surprise with strong sales in May. The Japanese automaker moved 98.2% more Mirages this May than last, and year to date sales are also up 73.6% to a total of 11,832 units. And while that may not be near the levels of the second-place Honda Fit (which was up 89.0% this month), it's overall sales are more than the MINI Cooper Hardtop and the Toyota Yaris, which come in third and fourth, respectively.

The volume leaders are in a close race for the most small cars sold: The Nissan Versa (which includes the Versa Note) is outselling the Kia Soul by just 623 units for the year! With the kind of monthly numbers these two cars put up, it could be anyone's game in the next six months.

With continually low fuel prices here in the U.S., small cars are a bit soft. The Scion iQ, in its last model year, is slowing exiting the picture, down 73.4% this month and only moving 64 units. This totals just 369 for the year—still more than MINI's odd Paceman is also way down to the tune of 51.3%. Chevy's hot Spark has cooled off for May down 47.7%.

Of the new-for-2015 models, the Chevrolet Trax has moved 18,844 units thus far, making it a strong seller. Jeep's Renegade is off to a good start having already sold 9,573 models despite limited availability. The newcomer to the list? Fiat's 500X, which is, of course, a mechanical twin to the Jeep Renegade.

So long as fuel costs remain low here, we can expect small car sales to be fairly tepid. That being said, it's interesting to see which models post big numbers.

Make/Model% May '15 vs. May '14Units May '15% YTD May '15 vs. May '14Units YTD
Mitsubishi Mirage98.2336973.611832
Honda Fit89.0634272.230965
MINI Cooper/S Hardtop (2DR)77.72141123.17071
Toyota Yaris54.3240137.09878
Ford Fiesta30.89426-3.927518
Buick Encore20.7540028.225023
MINI Roadster14.3144-1.9414
Chevrolet Sonic3.29067-28.529082
Kia Rio-8.03615-25.712415
Nissan Versa-10.0101210.856765
Kia Soul-11.013886-10.456142
Fiat 500L-13.01245-2.05546
Toyota Prius c-14.93763-4.116165
Mazda MX-5 Miata-15.3449-1.62214
MINI Cooper/S Convertible-19.5301-2.2996
Fiat 500-22.02614-12.013107
Hyundai Veloster-24.32249-26.49136
MINI Coupe-27.558-53.5159
Hyundai Accent-27.644283.129435
Nissan Juke-31.42625-47.912080
Honda CR-Z-34.3246-35.41088
MINI Countryman-39.21244-29.64469
Chevrolet Spark-47.72705-16.315552
MINI Paceman-51.582-41.0339
Scion iQ-73.464-64.1369
Chevrolet Trax570718844
Jeep Renegade44169573
MINI Cooper/S Hardtop (4DR)15034797
BMW i34063087
Fiat 500X88

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nlpnt said...

I wonder what the Spark's manual/auto take rate is compared to expectations? Locally, the Chevy dealer can't keep a stick on the lot but has a row of CVTs, some of which have been there for months