Monday, May 25, 2015

The 2016 Mazda2 Will Not Be Sold In The U.S.

2016 Mazda2 will not be sold in the U.S.


Mazda is saying the 2016 Mazda2 will not be sold on the U.S. market. Say it ain't so, Mazda! According to Automotive News, cheap gas and strong demand from other markets are two major reasons the soon-to-be-Mexican-built Mazda2 won't be headed north of the border.

A quote from Mazda U.S Senior Vice President, Robert Davis, says he'd prefer to focus on product that makes more profit for the company and Mazda dealers—a common issue with subcompact cars. He did, however, say the car will always be there if they want it. The car will be for sale in Puerto Rico, and therefore has already undergone U.S. safety standard testing.

Frankly, this is a bit heartbreaking. I was looking forward to the next Mazda2 hatchback a lot. I loved the last version. Yes, the Scion iA will be a Mazda2 sedan, but I don't have much interest in owning a subcompact sedan at this point. Undoubtedly, the Mazda2 will have great driving dynamics and will be the "driver's car" of the subcompact segment. However, at least for 2016, we'll never really find out. Well, unless you opt for the Scion iA.


Barry Traylor said...

To say this sucks is putting it mildly.

Unknown said...

Or the Yaris. This is an obvious deal with Toyota.

Unknown said...

Figures though.

Pecci said...

There reasoning does make business sense, but I was looking forward to that car. I can't get passed the front-end of the Scion.

John S said...

move to canada? ;)