Wednesday, March 4, 2015

February 2015 Subcompact Sales

January 2015 Small Car SalesBy

The second month of 2015 is now under our belt, and February proved to a pretty good month for the small cars. If you bought a MINI Cooper Hardtop, you helped propel the brand to a 445% increase increase compared to 2014. Other big sellers were Honda's Fit and the Mazda Miata. Also, Mitsubishi's Mirage continues to surprise with sales up nearly 67% compared to last year. And yes, the Mirage outsold a number of other vehicles on the list. (Overall Mitsubishi sales were up 26%.)

While the MINI Cooper Hardtop is at the top of the sales chart this month, the not-long-for-this-world MINI Coupe is at the bottom, down 63.3% compared to last year. Oddly, Chevy's Sonic was also down—and down a lot—to the tune of 61.8%. Nissan's Juke CUV and the Smart ForTwo round out the other bottom spots. Oh, and down 50% is yet another MINI, the Paceman.

Make/Model% Feb. '15 vs. Feb. '14Units Feb. '15% YTD Feb. '15 v. '14Units YTD
MINI Cooper /S Hardtop445.02420259.44589
Honda Fit81.0565283.511454
Mazda MX-5 Miata74.451168.1849
Mitsubishi Mirage66.9186356.13568
Buick Encore59.9492154.08386
MINI Cooper/S Convertible45.018713.4331
Fiat 500L19.095619.01825
Nissan Versa15.81190919.422455
Chevrolet Spark3.9267432.15844
Toyota Yaris2.2136420.02806
Toyota Prius c0.727011.25315
Kia Soul-5.89965-3.018107
Fiat 500-12.02333-8.04719
MINI Roadster-14.781-4.6146
Hyundai Accent-17.94867-8.59305
Ford Fiesta-23.53708-20.57162
Hyundai Veloster-25.31555-26.82857
Kia Rio-31.41943-41.13515
MINI Countryman-31.5938-31.11683
Honda CR-Z-45.0175-36.6371
Scion iQ-45.890-49.7167
MINI Paceman-50.063-38.8145
Smart Fortwo-51.3458-35950
Nissan Juke-58.02183-51.64184
Chevrolet Sonic-61.82900-54.76421
MINI Coupe-63.329-68.751
Chevrolet Trax0382105660
BMW i30108901759

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