Wednesday, January 7, 2015

December 2014 Subcompact Sales

Subcompact SalesIt turns out most auto manufacturers ended 2014 on a high note overall; many up double digits for the year. Even Mitsubishi was up almost 25% for 2014. The trend when oil prices fall has historically lead to stronger sales for larger cars. (Short term memory, anyone?) Perhaps that'll happen, but regardless, even small car sales were pretty brisk this year.

The biggest winner for the month of December was Toyota's Yaris, which was up a very healthy 167.1% vs. the last month of 2013. It does end the year down nearly 38%, however. Mazda did a great job clearing dealer lots of its gone-for-2015 Mazda2 hatchback and had a sales increase of 87.1%. The hot-selling Chevy Spark rounds out the top three with a gain of more than 75% vs. 2013. Both the Mazda2 and Spark both had improvements over last year, too.

The big loser is the slow-selling MINI Paceman, which was down 80.2%. The outgoing Nissan Cube was down almost 57%, and the slumping Scion subcompacts were also both down about the same amount.

The small car king for 2014, however, goes to Kia's Soul, which moved a whopping 145,316 units last year. Not too far off the pace was Nissan's always-hot-selling Versa, moving 139,781 sedans and hatchbacks. In a distant third was Chevrolet and its Sonic, which still moved an commendable 93,518 models. Just those three models alone totaled 378,615 units—not too shabby. However, to put things in perspective, Ford sold 753,851 F-150s in 2014—that's just one vehicle! So, while the subcompact cars will likely never outpace the Ford F-150, 2014 wasn't a bad year for the small guys.

Stay tuned next month to see who starts 2015 out with a bang.

Make/Model% Dec. '13 vs. Dec. '14Units Nov. '14% YTD '14 vs. '13Units YTD
Toyota Yaris167.11605-37.813274
Chevrolet Spark75.6300714.739159
MINI Cooper /S Hardtop39.41476-15.322843
Mazda MX-5 Miata37.0378-17.94745
Kia Soul35.64558723.1145316
Honda Fit34.3645010.959340
Chevrolet Sonic23.054569.293518
Hyundai Accent20.685664.763309
Smart ForTwo13.897312.810453
Buick Encore12.4310253.048892
Mitsubishi i-MiEV9.112-81196
Fiat 500L4.0148268.012413
Nissan Versa3.0912919.1139781
Fiat 500-1.02302-6.033708
Toyota Prius c-2.93839-3.440570
MINI Countryman-5.519416.222645
Kia Rio-10.81924-11.835933
MINI Cooper /S Convertible-16.4219-20.73536
Ford Fiesta-16.83724-11.163192
Mitsubishi Mirage-18.21135469.316708
MINI Roadster-29.195-48.81437
Nissan Juke-29.921550.138184
Honda CR-Z-43.9224-21.73562
Hyundai Veloster-44.71685-10.027598
MINI Coupe-56.451-62.4956
Scion xD-56.5288-18.17377
Scion iQ-56.787-49.62040
Nissan Cube-56.9186-30.73785
MINI Paceman-80.2129-36.22082
BMW i3 1013 6092

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