Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mule Expedition Outfitter's Micro Overland and 4x4 Meet

1987 Mitsubishi Delica at the Mule Expedition Outfitter's micro meet.
We maintain the fact that you don't have to have a giant 4WD vehicle to get out and explore, and we're not the only ones that have that theory. So does the team at Mule Expedition Outfitters in Issaquah, Washington. If the name sounds familiar, it could be because we wrote about their awesome 1979 Suzuki LJ81 not too long ago.

Last weekend we headed up to Mule's store for their micro overlander and 4x4 meet. Without further adieu, here are some pics from the meet. The first vehicle above is a 1987 Mitsubishi Delica 4x4. It is a turbo diesel with a manual transmission and was in awesome shape. Much want.

1987 Mitsubishi Delica Star Wagon
Here's the Delica's back side, complete with matching red bars all around.

Dinoot M-Series trailer
This is a Dinoot M-Series trailer. It's lighweight, compact, and rugged—perfect for towing behind small rigs.

This lifted Suzuki SX4 had a lift, larger 215/65/16 General Grabber all-terrain tires, and a trick racking system on top.

Micro electric Land Rover Series 1
The smallest vehicle at the event was this homebuilt electric Land Rover Series 1. No, it didn't leak oil or have electrical issues. It is 2WD and totally fantastic.

Mule Expedition Outfitter's VW Syncro
The Mule Volkswagen Syncro is powered by a Subaru EJ25 engine and was built over the course of a few years. And yes, those are Mercedes-Benz wheels wrapped in Goodyear Duratrac tires.

Mule Expedition Outfitter's Volkswagen Syncro van
The Syncro van has been all the way down to Mexico's Baja peninsula and back. It belongs to Mule Expedition Outfitter's owners, Dana and Joe. The combination of boxer engine and Maganaflow muffler means it sounds as mean as it looks.

Lifted red Suzuki Samurai
A great little Suzuki Samurai that looked very capable off the pavement.

Lifted gray Suzuki Samurai
This was one of three Suzuki Samurais that showed up. This one was on 31" tires.

1979 Suzuki LJ81
Mule's '79 Suzuki LJ81 is such a cool rig. It rides on Federal Couragia mud-terrain tires and gets all kinds of attention.

The Teal Terror with new Dinoot trailer and CVT rooftop tent
Here's our Suzuki, aka, the Teal Terror, with our micro Dinoot trailer with our brand-new CVT Mt. Bailey rooftop tent on the back. Stay tuned for a full write-up on the tent.

Lifted blue Chevrolet Tracker
Scott Chaney is the owner of Compact Camping Concepts and Dinoot trailers, and recently acquired this Chevrolet Tracker.

Lifted yellow Toyota FJ Cruiser with trailer
While not exactly a smallish vehicle, this Toyota FJ Cruiser and matching Dinoot trailer looked awesome. The trailer had a host of neat bits on it including a dual battery setup, sink, refrigerator, and more.

Austin Healey
We shared a parking lot with a 1950s style drive-in that was having a classic car show, and this Austin Healey was too pretty not to share.

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