Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Is Nissan Killing the Cube?

2014 Nissan Cube to be the last model year?

Rumor has it that Nissan is killing the Cube, although apparently it's more than a rumor in Canada. What's a square car loving person to do? Looking at the Cube's rather dismal U.S. sales, it's not all that surprising, assuming it's true. Canada is giving the Cube the axe, and it's likely the U.S. is next.

We reviewed the Cube back when it was introduced in 2009. We called it the opposite of the Kia Soul, meaning it was comfortable but not terribly athletic. I've always been a fan, but that shouldn't be surprising since I tend to like the cars no one else does. I'd still rock a Cube with the manual transmission that's lowered on some nice 15 or 16" wheels. Maybe some widened steelies?

Anyhow, if you are looking to purchase a new Cube soon, you might want to strike before this box ships out.



The Squirrel Mafia said...

Nissan screwed up. If they had brought this to the USA & Canada at the same time as the 1st gen xB, they would have had a hit. It was already available in Japan. Scion lost it with the 2nd gen xB & Nissan tried to cash in.

Socarboy said...

The Cube has always been too whimsical for my tastes. Especially that asymmetrical rear which IMO looks like a phone booth going down the road