Thursday, May 8, 2014

April 2014 Subcompact Sales

Subcompact Car SalesWell this was kind of a weird month for subcompact car sales, at least in terms of who's on top. The MINI Paceman had a big bump for April, up 77.9%, selling a whopping 169 units. Next in line? The Smart ForTwo up 57.1%, followed by the Nissan Juke and Buick Encore. The perennially hot-selling Nissan Versa comes in fifth place in terms of month-over-month sales increases. The Versa also takes a back seat to the Kia Soul in terms of overall sales for 2014. The hamstermobile has sold 47,071 units, surpassing the Nissan's smallest offering. Also of note: Mitsubishi's 1992 Mirage is continuing to sell pretty well. It outsold a number of cars, including the Fiat 500L. Who'd have thunk?

The biggest loser this month is the MINI Roadster, down 55.5%. In fact, MINI rounds out the bottom three spots this month. Even the Scion iQ, Toyota Yaris, and Nissan Cube posted better months! Anyhow, that's April in a nutshell. Here are the total numbers.


nlpnt said...

- I'm surprised to see the Fiesta down from last year, between the facelift, the 1.0 Ecoboost and the ST it's more desirable than last year's model (if no more space-efficient).

-Also surprising is the Honda Fit's sales still being so high. There's no 2014 model (the 2013 is still listed as current in May), the new 2015 hasn't shipped yet - surely the cupboard is bare?

-Mini Paceman is super-niche, and it's a niche I completely don't get (tall but not a real off-roader, no back doors). I wonder if it was supply-limited but now found its' ceiling.

-Buick Encore's a ringing success, Chevy Spark is outperforming expectations, Sonic's down but strong. I wonder how the Chevy Trax'll affect the GM small-car fleet.

Korean Cowboy said...

LOL I sold a lot of Souls last month, so no surprise fact, with the Soul on the lot, it was hard trying to sell a Rio/Forte for about the same price.