Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The 'Teal Terror' Gets Some New LED Lights

TigerLights LED Flood Beam
Auxiliary lighting is a great thing to have if you've got a vehicle that ever ventures off the pavement, be it a 4x4, a rally car, or anything else. You don't realize how weak some vehicle's headlamps are until you get a good set of auxiliary lights. Case in point, I got a set of Tiger Lights LED Flood Beams for the Sidekick. If you didn't know, LED lights are the latest thing in off-road lighting. They're super bright, they project an intense white color, and use very little juice, which keeps you alternator happy.

I opted for a set of flood beams since it's so rainy and foggy here in the Pacific Northwest. Since these lights are so incredibly bright, they aren't for use on the street, but that's fine. I bought them for use in harsh conditions, such as off road ... or when no one is around.

To give you an idea how much brighter these things are than stock head lights, I first used my Sidekick's stock headlights.

Stock Suzuki Sidekick lights

You can see, they're a yellowish cast. They're fine, if not a little underpowered for street use, but so be it—they're legal. Next, up, the Tiger Lights floods;

TigerLights LED Flood Beams are extremely bright

Yep, those sucker are freakin' bright! They're composed of six individual LEDs and produce 1,350 lumens, yet they're only rated at 18 watts and draw 1.5 amps.

LED light beam pattern

You can see the intense light these put out. It's pretty impressive. I got to put them to the test in a dark vineyard in Newberg, Oregon, just south of Portland. We were out in the country for an event, and I turned these puppies on. I was quite impressed, and what a huge difference these make compared to halogen flood lights.

The Tiger Lights offers LED applications for ATVs, trucks, marine, and agriculture applications, an their prices are very fair. Plus, they're based here in Oregon. Good stuff.

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