Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Suzuki Jimny vs. Land Rover Defender

You know we like small 4x4s here at Subcompact Culture if you've followed our project 1995 Suzuki Sidekick, The Teal Terror. They've got all the qualities of any other small vehicle, plus they're fun on the trails. And if you've been following Subcompact Culture for any amount of time, you'll also know we love the Suzuki Jimny—a featherweight 4x4 that is unavailable in the U.S. My friend, Bryon Dorr from Exploring Elements, knows I have a soft spot for Suzukis, and he sent me this video from Autocar, which makes me want a Jimny even more. Unfortunately, the closest place to buy a new Jimny is a 3,600 mile drive from here in Guatemala. Yeah—not going to happen.

Suzuki Jimny vs. Land Rover Defender
Anyway, In the video above, we'll see some of the virtues of a small 4x4 vehicle, even when put against a legendary off roader such as the Land Rover Defender. Afterall, the Jimny is a true 4x4 with a ladder frame and a low-range transfer case. It may be a "cute ute," but it's also a brute underneath that tiny exterior. Since Suzuki is out of the U.S., we'll never see a new Jimny here. Until then, it's keeping on with the Teal Terror.

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Jamie said...

Ahh..what an amazing video it is, shared already with my friends.
I have seen many competitions like this before, many car races as well but adventure with land rover is on different level and it would always be a passions for land rover lovers like me.