Wednesday, April 10, 2013

March 2013 subcompact sales

Subcompact SalesIf you'll remember, the February, 2013 subcompact sales looked pretty terrible. March, 2013 isn't too much better. The MINI Roadster, which sold just 309 units, did have the biggest change month over month with 114.6% more sales than this time last year. Another MINI, the Countryman, was also up, as were Ford's Fiesta, Fiat's 500, Nissan's strong-selling Versa, and the Honda Fit.

The big story here, however, is the Versa, which sold a 15,917 units in March alone. That's a lot of Versas.

There is a lot of red, yet again, on this chart. The biggest loser this month was Scion's lilliputian iQ, which was down more than 70% vs. this time last year, selling only 383 units. It is also down 60% for the year. For comparison's sake, the similarly sized Smart ForTwo outsold the iQ nearly 2.1 to 1.

I do have to wonder why small car sales are down so much with gas prices being high. Perhaps it's the latest crop of compact and mid-sized cars that are now getting fuel economy in the high 30s and low 40s. But chins up my small-car-loving friends. There's always next month.

Make/Model Mar. '13 vs. Mar. '12Units, Mar. '13YTD 2013 vs. 2012 YTD
MINI Roadster+114.6%309+157.9%655
MINI Countryman+11.5%1761+17.1%4839
Ford Fiesta+3.5%6728+3.2%16028
Fiat 500 +3.0%3807+9.0%9612
Nissan Versa +2.1%15917+11.6%39287
Honda Fit+0.9%4602-8.6%11533
MINI /S Hardtop-2.4%2750-6.4%6390
Nisasn Juke -6.0%3916-3.6%9106
Smart ForTwo-7.0%929-3.1%2193
Kia Rio-11.1%4009-8.3%9808
Kia Soul -11.2%12080-10.9%29013
MINI Cooper /S Clubman-13.3%431-32.9%838
Nissan Cube-14.6%793-6.1%1951
MINI Cooper /S Convertible-14.6%421-26.8%719
Honda CR-Z-15.9%451-12.8%1190
Chevrolet Sonic -16.3%6907-8.0%20109
Mazda MX-5 Miata-19.7%573-15.1%1235
Scion xD-24.8%812-20.3%2032
Hyundai Veloster-30.0%2693-27.6%6357
MINI Coupe-31.5%230-39.5%445
Hyundai Accent-32.0%5669-24.7%13914
Toyota Yaris-32.5%2393-27.9%7335
Mazda2 -39.7%925-51.9%3496
Scion iQ-70.2%383-60.0%1009
Chevrolet Spark--3538--8782
Buick Encore--3003--4953
MINI Paceman--169--169

Numbers reflect sales in the United States.

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