Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Is this a Smart BRABUS rental car?

Smart ForTwo BRABUS rental
I rented a car from National Car Rental in Grand Junction, Colorado last week—a very nice 2013 Ford Edge Limited. (I could've had a Yaris, but who'd refuse a free upgrade?) Anyway, when I was returning the Edge last Thursday, this Smart was in one of the rental return spots. That's not just a Smart ForTwo, that's a Smart ForTwo BRABUS. I had to walk down and look at it. I mean, does National really rent this? Why not just a Smart ForTwo?

I took a look inside, and there was a soda in the cupholder. Maybe the car hadn't been cleaned out yet. There was a parking tag hanging from the rear view mirror, too. I am not sure what the tag was for, but perhaps it's just an employee vehicle parked in a rental slot for the day. I could not confirm whether it belonged to someone or was actually a rental. Interesting. 


Brandon said...

One of my clients got one of those a few months ago, he was pretty excited about it. Traded in a big ford pickkup for it.

Ducati Scotty said...

You're just a sucker for anything with a twin tip center exhaust, aren't you?

Foxtrot685 said...

The BRABUS edition was pretty cool and I really think smart should have kept the trim level around. The exhaust note alone was worth the upgrade; had a very nice growl. It handled well too, a little stiff, but it was fun to fling around in the city.

Unknown said...

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