Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The 'Teal Terror' gets a rear locker

Lock Right logo
In an attempt to make the "Teal Terror" (aka Project Suzuki Sidekick) more off-road capable, I've gotten a Lock Right rear locker from JustDifferentials.com. So what does a rear locker do? It "locks" the differential to provide each of the rear wheels 50% power for optimal traction. See, when you're off roading with a vehicle that has an open differential, if you encounter an obstacle, power is going to get transferred to one wheel, and it'll spin. With a locker, when slip is detected, both wheels will receive equal 50/50 power, providing optimal traction. It's like a limited slip differential, but without any slip. Here's a good video explaining how a Lock Right works:

While a selectable locker (such as an ARB Air Locker) would've been preferred since it can be turned on or off, they're about $1,000, whereas the Lock Right is about $281 on JustDifferentials.com. Since the Sidekick is definitely on a budget, the Lock Right makes more sense.

There are some things I'll have to get used to. For instance, in slick conditions, I might have to push in the clutch going around sharp corners so it doesn't oversteer. I'm told you just get used to it however.

I'll hopefully get this installed soon, and get a chance to take it off road and see how it works.

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