Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Craigslist car list

If you're like me, you visit craigslist several times a day. While I often look for car parts, I always peruse the cars/trucks for sale area, too, even though I probably won't actually buy any of the cars anytime soon. But, I suppose if that one perfect car surfaced, I might take action—or at least see if I can find away to make it happen. So when I cruise craigslist, here are some of the vehicles I keep an eye out for.

Dodge Raider/Mitsubishi Montero 2DR
I had considered getting one of these instead of my Suzuki Sidekick. They're small, capable off road, and not terribly expensive. I'm told the V-6 is preferred, since it doesn't have the four cylinder's wonky carburetor.

Toyota Starlet
The rear-drive Starlet hatchback would be a lot of fun.Throw on some sticky tires, a taught suspension, a built 3TC or 4AGE engine, and boom: fun. I keep seeing the same few reappear here in the Portland area, and they look pretty beaten by the drift crowd.

Anything Daihatsu
Honestly, I'm not sure I really want to own  a Daihatsu Charade or Rocky. However, they're rare, and have have that odd factor going for them. I would, however, rock a 4WD Daihatsu kei truck with some nobby tires, which would be for off-highway use only.

Mitsubishi Expo LRV/Eagle Summit Wagon/Plymouth Colt Vista
The Expo LRV was my first ride. I still have a fantasy of getting a FWD version of these tall wagons and throwing in a 4G63 turbo engine from an Eclipse. Major sleeper potential with this one. They're rare, but come up regularly on craigslist.

Late '70s/early '80s RWD Toyota Corollas
I've dug these rides for a long time. While I really like the small two-door coupe, just about any of these rear-drive Toyotas would be cool. Again, built 3TC or 4AGE engine would be a hoot. Again, being RWD, lightweight, and popular with the drift crowd, they're had to find at good prices (or hard to find that haven't been beaten).

Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo/Dodge Colt GT
Here's another rarity, but unlike the Daihatsu, I'd own one of these. Really hard to find in the Pacific Northwest, and I'm guessing other parts of the country, too. I'd like the model above or the 1988-1996 version, too.

Chevrolet Sprint Turbo
Another real rarity on craigslist, especially in good shape. Described by Car and Driver as "The ultimate gridlock brawler," the Sprint turbo was made by Suzuki, sold by Chevrolet, and had a 1.0-liter turbo engine. Parts might be difficult, but I still dig 'em and would own one.

Suzuki Swift GT
I fell in love with these cars when they first came out in the 1990s, and swore I'd own one someday. Powered by a 1.3-liter DOHC four cylinder, it's a Geo Metro with more power, some better bodywork, and lots of cool subcompactness. There always seems to be one Swift GT or GTi on craiglist for whatever reason.


Ducati Scotty said...

Don't forget, the Sprint not only had a turbo but also an intercooler. Wasn't that a three cylinder? Also, since it seems the household ban on turbos has been lifted maybe you could get one now if one turned up for a reasonable price. And I do this same game, but with bikes I can't afford and probably wouldn't buy even if I could.

Anonymous said...

I'm still looking for that rare Suzuki Swift GT. I think I'll find a needle in a haystack before I find one of these. Haha!

Unknown said...

I also loved the Sprint Turbo back in the eighties, but the car I really wanted was the Dodge Omni GLHS.

Unknown said...

I recently sold my Turbo Sprint. I had it since 93. Great car. Parts are getting hard to find, I needed 2 months to locate a turbo base gasket. That was one of the reasons I sold it, I was concerned about parts.

J Rock said...

Why don't you want a 4wd Expo/Summit/Colt?

I am looking to get one of these cars, but not sure if I should go with fwd or 4wd.
Hit me up.

Unknown said...

I agree with the swift. I just picked up a Colt vista and I am wondering why you would want to do a 4g63 swap on a FWD instead of the AWD??? AWD would be way better.