Monday, December 3, 2012

Subcompact Showcase: MicroCar Magazine Project VIP 3 from the SEMA Show

MicroCarMag/LoganBuilt Nissan Cube from the 2012 SEMA Show
We really dig the Nissan Cube. It's got gobs of personality and, much like the Scion xB which paved the way for small, boxy subcompacts in the U.S., it's got plenty of customizing potential. This is evidenced by the MicroCarMag/LoganBuilt Cube.

3M vinyl wrap -- it's not paint
From the Air Runner suspension to the custom 3M wrap—yes, that finish is actually a wrap job, not a paint job—the Cube looks just right. And while chrome wheels don't look right on all vehicles, they look at home on this little box. In this case, rolling stock consists of 18" XXR Euromax 016 wheels and General G Max tires. Other goodies include a Wilwood Big Brake Kit, a custom interior, and four big ol' subwoofers in the back (the back seats have been removed). When you'd rather hear the engine than the stereo the LoganBuilt Cube has a DC Sports exhaust system and WR intake. In addition to the aforementioned wrap, exterior mods include a Kaminari front lip and a T REX grille. 

We think it looks great: It's one classy, clean, Cube.

Nissan Cube custom stereo

The MicroCarMag/LoganBuilt Cube looks clean, classy, and custom.


Thomas Musante said...

Thank you very much for the coverage of our vehicle. The team at LoganBuilt Autoworks were happy with the response we got from this one of our major builds ever. Special thanks goes to Airrunner / Vinylstyles who killed the wrap job / / RE Audio and many more who made this build possible!

Rich M said...

Those upgraded rear seats look VERY uncomfortable :(