Friday, December 7, 2012

November 2012 subcompact sales

Subcompact SalesNovember was a good month for many manufacturers and their small car offerings, as there was a veritable cornucopia of of small car sales. The slow-selling Nissan cube had another great month, with a nearly 290% increase over last November's sales. The Mazda2 hatchback also had a fantastic month with a 211.5% increase in sales. Fiat's 500 also had a triple-digit sales increase of 123%. Double-digit gains were also commonplace last month.

The slowest seller, for the second month in a row, is Toyota's Yaris, which was down a whopping 60.8% from last year despite 2012 being an all-new design.

And, thanks to 0% financing, the Suzuki SX4, which isn't long for the U.S. market, posted a commendable 42% increase over last year. Get 'em while they last.

Make/Model Nov. '12 vs. Nov. '11Units, Nov. '12YTD Nov. '12 vs. Nov. '11 YTD
Nissan Cube+289.7%791-49.6%7078
Fiat 500+123.0%3603+130.0%40065
Smart ForTwo+70.0%704+100.4%9013
Suzuki SX4+42.0%NANANA
MINI Coooper /S Clubman+20.6%480-17.2%5324
MINI Cooper /S Convertible+19.9%325-3.8%4488
Nissan Juke+19.5%3003+2.3%33619
MINI Countryman+13.9%1608+27.8%18788
Kia Rio+13.6%2494+111.2%37932
Chevrolet Sonic+11.6%5016+649.9%75257
Kia Soul+6.2%7257+17.2%108601
MINI Cooper /S Hardtop+4.5%2490+3.8%26267
Ford Fiesta+3.8%3688-21.2%51163
Scion xD+3.4%799+15.510079
Honda Fit+0.2%3315-15.6%45666
Nissan Versa-5.0%8826+14.4%102709
Hyundai Veloster-17.9%2084+363.4%32886
Honda CR-Z-20.0%244-63.3%3949
Hyundai Accent-30.4%3260+15.5%58071
MINI Coupe-47.9%149+286.0%2702
Toyota Yaris-60.8%2194+1.4%28591
Chevrolet Spark--1709--10156
Scion iQ--623--8303
MINI Roadster--196--2098

Numbers reflect sales in the United States.


Duke said...

I own a Yaris. Let me tell you why they aren't selling:

1. Costs too much for what you get. Can easily spec one out at $17k...with plastic wheel covers.

2. Yes, it's a new model. In looks only. It's essentially the same Yaris we've had since '07. Same engine, same transmission, same chassis, same A/C knobs. The 4 speed automatic is a joke at this price point and the fuel economy is now mediocre in it's class.

3. It's BORING. I think it looks great but it's typical Toyota. There is absolutely nothing exciting about the car whatsoever. There are no TV commercials for the Yaris, no print ads, nothing. No marketing, no J-Lo jiggling her ass, nada.

So yeah, the Yaris isn't a bad car by any means. But it costs too much, offers too little, and is just outclassed by nearly everything else in it's class. When I got mine in '07 it was a good buy. I got it at a good price and there wasn't much competition in it's class. But now? There are too many better, more exciting cars to be had for less money, that are superior in every way.

Anonymous said...

^ Exactly. Why pay close to $19k for a top of the line Yaris SE with a weak engine & 5-speed manual when you can pay about the same or slighty less for a 2013 Kia Rio5 SX with a 6-speed manual or a Hyundai Accent SE with a 6-speed manual that have a more powerful engine & a lot more amenities? It's a no brainer. The Yaris needs a major mechanical revamp & needs a far lower price tag.

Anonymous said...

if you can get a deal on one they are not bad. 14 OTD for my 12' a year ago on the 7th. Averaging 40mpg for the year too.