Thursday, November 15, 2012

October 2012 subcompact sales

Subcompact SalesOctober was definitely an interesting mix of sales in the subcompact segment. There's more red and green on this chart than a Christmas tree. And talk about unusual first and second place finishers. The Smart ForTwo, for the third month in a row, shows impressive gains (top three in the segment) This month's gain was up more than 200% versus October 2011. Also, the slow-selling Nissan Cube is up over 139%, granted Nissan only sold 198 Cubes in October, 201. The Fiat 500 takes third with a very healthy gain of 89%, and moving 36,462 units today, showing that the tiny Italian has gotten traction on the U.S. market.

The Toyota Yaris is this month's big loser, down 62% compared to October, 2011. It still remains up for the year, however. The Hyundai Veloster and Accent also had slower sales in October. The year-to-date sales were mixed throughout the boards.

FYI, as Suzuki has officially pulled out of the U.S. market, this may be its last month reporting sales. Its last official month on the books showed a 16% increase in SX4 sales. No other sales data was given. Sad.

Make/Model Oct. '12 vs. Oct. '11Units, Oct. '12YTD Oct. '12 vs. Oct. '11 YTD
Smart ForTwo+205.2%998+443.8%8309
Nissan Cube+139.9%475-54.6%6287
Fiat 500+89.0%3720+130.0%36462
Scion xD+36.1%855+17.2%9280
Honda Fit+33.7%3773-16.9%42351
Kia Rio+30.8%2623+124.3%35438
MINI Cooper /S Hardtop+17.2%2434+3.7%22922
MINI Cooper / S Clubman+16.0%595-19.7%4844
Suzuki SX4+15.0%NANANA
Kia Soul+12.4%7988+18.1%101344
Ford Fiesta-3.2%3991-22.6%47475
Nissan Versa-6.5%8311+16.6%93883
MINI Cooper /S Convertible-7.0%371-5.3%4163
MINI Cooper /S Coupe-9.5%417-23.0%4249
MINI Countryman-8.8%1835+29.3%17180
Nissan Juke-12.7%2520+0.9%30616
Honda CR-Z-15.6%224-64.7%10461
MINI Coupe-16.2%347+516.7%2553
Hyundai Accent-30.2%3373+20.2%54811
Hyundai Veloster-33.8%2464+575.8%30802
Toyota Yaris-62.0%2579+16.9%26397
Chevrolet Sonic--5495--70241
Chevrolet Spark--2134--8447
Scion iQ--808--7680
MINI Roadster--306--1902
Numbers reflect sales in the United States.

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