Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Toyota getting back into the WRC with the Yaris R1A

Yaris R1A rally car
Back in August, Toyota Motorsport GmbH announced on its blog that it was getting back into rally, this time with the Yaris R1A, a budget-minded rally car. This is not the fire-belching AWD, turbocharged WRC cars you may be thinking about, but rather an entry-level competitor with a 1.3 liter gas engine. It will apparently cost 22,500 EUR. ($29,103 USD). The car did debut at the Rally Deutschland as a "zero car," or essentially a course vehicle.

Apparently it will be (or already now has been) FIA R1A homolgated for competition. The new-for-2013 R1A class will have engine capacity up to 1400ccs and be normally aspirated and two-wheel drive. Not sure if any other R1A cars have been entered or not.

Regardless, the Yaris R1A is a cool little rally car, and a neat way for Toyota to get back into rally racing. Sounds like fun to me.

Yaris R1A rally car

Toyota Yaris R1A rally car on white background

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Steve "SailDesign" Baker said...

That would be just right for my commute...