Thursday, August 23, 2012

2013 Chevrolet Sonic RS pricing announced

2013 Chevrolet Sonic RS

Chevrolet has announced pricing on its 2013 Sonic RS. The sportier Sonic turbo will begin at $20,995. So what makes the RS different than a standard Sonic turbo? In addition to unique front and rear fascias, different 17" wheels, a lower suspension, and badging, the RS will have shorter gear ratios for better acceleration, and a host of RS-specific interior bits. The RS also dismisses the standard Sonic's rear drums in favor of discs.

We really liked the 2012 Sonic LTZ, and I'm sure the RS will be great. But is it an extra $4,300 great? In my eyes, probably not. I thought the Sonic with the 1.4-liter turbo engine was a hoot. And while the shorter ratios of the RS would aid in acceleration, I wouldn't pay that extra cash for the other bits.


Tony said...

I just.. I.. can't.. $21k? That's dern near Base Camaro or FR-S/BR-Z territory.

Anonymous said...

It's probably going to be one of the nicest small cars for now, but at $21k, it kind of makes you think a bit. For an extra $2,345, you can hop into a Civic Si sedan. For an extra $3,995, you can get into the FR-S. For $3,795 more you can get into a MazdaSpeed 3. For an extra $3,495 you can get into a MazdaSpeed 3. For less than $21k, you can get a fully loaded Hyundai Accent SE that has just about everything that this car has, sans turbo. Ford is supposedly releasing the Fiesta ST with about 175 horses or so in the near future as well. I guess we'll see the consumers reaction soon.