Tuesday, June 12, 2012

1969 Subaru 360 micro van for sale NOT for sale

1969 Subaru 360 van
UPDATE: I was just informed that this vehicle sold last week.Regardless, it's a cool piece of vintage Japanese vanning.

When it comes to vintage micro cars, the Subaru 360 and, in this case, the 360 van, is towards the top of the list. If you've always wanted one and have a bit of cash on hand, Garm from Micro Image will gladly sell you his. Yes, this Subaru 360 van could be yours.

Garm says this is a rare van with a two-stroke, two-cylinder, air-cooled engine. Only about 2,000 were sold in the USA. It has a four-speed manual transmission, and a top speed about 55 mph. It's got tiny 10" rims with drum brakes all around.

According to Garm, "It's pretty complete, weatherstripping is trashed and it needs a lot of love. I'm a little low on extra love right now. It Runs ok. Stops but pulls to the left, so the cylinders should be gone through and brake system cleaned up. Lines are new (I didn't do them) Has a sedan muffler on it. No choke, but I have that repro choke cable that recently became available and it comes with. Front end had some body work and has some bondo slathered across the lower front apron. All the glass is there."

The price? $2,400 USD.

For more photos and contact info, see the ad on Micro Image.


Tony said...

Already sold lol

Tony said...

I am just trying to imagine how much fun it would be to put air suspension on this heh.

I'd sure love to have had an opportunity to purchase it.