Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Small Car Family: Smartly packing a subcompact

I love this. Why? Well, first, it's a witty, clever little video. But secondly, I love it because it shows that just because you have a family doesn't mean you necessarily need to buy a gigantic vehicle.

ClubSX4.com member, kilby, made this time-lapse video of him and his family packing up their little Suzuki SX4. Anyone that owns a smallish vehicle can likely relate to this, and I'm sure there were a host of you who packed up your subcompacts and went somewhere last weekend for Memorial Day. Yes, you need to pack smartly, but many times, it'll fit—and a roof rack never hurts! It's like our motto around here: Think big, drive small.

EDIT: I was just informed by the creator of the video that it was actually made to let friends know they were expecting another baby. No vacation, but a great reason to celebrate!


Duke said...

The price of having a 2nd child: Your drinks and lunch now resides on the roof.

One of my earliest memories is sleeping in my Dad's ElCamino, between the seats and the tunnel, on an 8 hour drive to the coast. In retrospect, I guess I was part of the luggage!

D2M said...

Having a roof rack probably helps. Heeh.

That being said, I know it's possible for families to use smaller cars. People in other countries do it ALL the time. When I was in Japan, many sub-compacts were considered "family cars".

D2M said...

Oh oh! I forgot! When I was a kid, my Dad had a 2 door Saab. He bought it while stationed in Germany (if I recall, he actually had it imported) and he looooooved that car so much. It was "the family car" despite it's smallish size. We use to travel from MS to FL or MN in it.

To fit everything in there, he had to put the back seats down. He'd pack the dog and I in the back with all the luggage. (The dog was a large Samoyed. So closer to a large dog than a medium sized one.) I got to travel 9 + hours LAYING DOWN with a dog as my pillow. I loved it.

Of course, in retrospect, I realize that was not the safest way to travel. In fact, I'm not really sure how he talked Mom into letting me travel so long in a car without a seat built.... o_0

Ian Cassley said...

Love it! Five of us took a trip in our Festiva last fall and packed everything we took inside...

Check it out here...http://www.econoboxcafe.com/2011/11/inquiring-minds-want-to-know.html